Margin Trading Facility

Features of Margin Trading facility:

Increase investment capacity: Margin Trading facility is simple option to leverage your existing portfolio, allowing you to increase your overall investment with a relatively small amount of your own money.

Additional Exposure on existing investments: Existing investments can be leveraged and investible funds can be enhanced to capitalize on new investment opportunities.

Easy online MTF activation: There is no paper formality for MTF activation. Easy online MTF registration through Anand Rathi website/backoffice.

Flexibility in utilization of limits: Investor can prepay the loan amount since this facility is in the nature of an overdraft facility. No prepayment charges are charged.

Interest: Interest is charged only for the days the loan amount is utilized.

Dividend & Other corporate benefits: Investor not only retains the ownership but also continue to avail of the shareholder benefits such as dividends, bonuses, rights, etc.